Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Ok, so for us, it’s really a chance to have Chinese food! I made a yummy Chinese feast last night and everyone enjoyed it! Veggie Egg Rolls (way easier than you can think), Sesame chicken with broccoli, exotic fruit salad w/ a lime dressing and fortune cookies, of course!

The fortune cookies were the best part….apparently: Kevin is getting a job soon….Annika is going to have an romantic encounter, Tasha is taking a trip to a far away place and my question marks will soon succeed (whatever that means!!!!). We had fun with it!



-36F…..now, that’s cold! Our schools were all closed yesterday because it was so cold that the brake lines on the busses were frozen and pipes were frozen.

Our furry friends

This was actually supposed to be part of the last post, but oh well..

On Saturday night, we looked outside our front window and happened to spy about 6 deer hanging right by the porch, including two 4 point bucks. Annika opened the door to say hi to Mr. Buck and instead of trotting away…he came closer…..and CLOSER….and CLOSER, until he was right at the steps to the door. I hurried over because sometimes the boys can get aggressive. Next thing you know all of us are at the door and all of the deer are coming right up to the porch to listen to us talk to them. We decided they were hungry and while the kids wanted to feed them, Ammon and I thought we’d better sing them a song instead…I’ll have to post the video later. They were captivated by our amazing vocal talents! 😉


The most curious of our friends


Well hello, big boy!


I know my blogging this month has been non-existent. What can I say? It’s a new year and life is full of things to do. So here’s our month:

-I already mentioned potty-training. Still going pretty well…

-The first weekend in January there is always a World Ice-Climbing Competition held in Ouray (next town over). I’ve always wanted to go and while we only caught the end of it, we still had an enjoyable time. Pictures:


They (I don’t know exactly who) spray down the rocks and created these frozen waterfalls of sorts. They look amazing.

IMG_4206 (1)

Ya, crazy people like this dude actually climb up the ice. Sure they have harnesses, but still…is he NUTS! At least it was fun to watch.


The kids by a cool ice sculpture


It was an incredibly beautiful day in Ouray


You see that rope that’s strung across the ravine? Some even crazier dude was tightroping it across that…yes he had a harness, but that’s not the point!


The kiddies enjoying a free Clif bar