I know my blogging this month has been non-existent. What can I say? It’s a new year and life is full of things to do. So here’s our month:

-I already mentioned potty-training. Still going pretty well…

-The first weekend in January there is always a World Ice-Climbing Competition held in Ouray (next town over). I’ve always wanted to go and while we only caught the end of it, we still had an enjoyable time. Pictures:


They (I don’t know exactly who) spray down the rocks and created these frozen waterfalls of sorts. They look amazing.

IMG_4206 (1)

Ya, crazy people like this dude actually climb up the ice. Sure they have harnesses, but still…is he NUTS! At least it was fun to watch.


The kids by a cool ice sculpture


It was an incredibly beautiful day in Ouray


You see that rope that’s strung across the ravine? Some even crazier dude was tightroping it across that…yes he had a harness, but that’s not the point!


The kiddies enjoying a free Clif bar

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