The month started with a fun Saturday spent sledding, watching a movie with hot chocolate and then a spontaneous date for Ammon and I.

We found a great sledding spot and Ammon made us a well-built, fast run and we had hours of (sometimes whiny) fun!


Ammon enjoying the magical snowfall and warming up with some hot chocolate

Our date was at a local Irish pub in Ouray called O’Brien’s. They had the most amazing Shepherd’s Pie and Ammon enjoyed a burger. After dinner, we got dessert at Moose’s Chocolates….they’re famous for these cookies they call “Scrap Cookies”. They take a base sugar cookie-type batter and add in all the leftover scraps from the day (ie. caramel, truffles, fudge, etc). Their truffles were amazing too! To end the date, we braved the 26 degree weather and went in the hot springs. It was very relaxing and just what we needed.

We haven’t had very many big snowfalls this year, but of the ones we’ve had, they’ve given us a bunch of snow. Ammon kept piling up the snow in one spot and eventually-Voila!


Igloo! I don’t think the photo shows the actual size, because it was big enough for the whole family to fit inside and the kids could stand up full height in there too!


The deer thought it was cool too!

Valentines Day brought two classroom parties to attend and make cupcakes for, a special Valentines dinner and lots of spoiling for me!

I woke up to little love notes all over the house…everywhere I went, I found a sweet little note from Ammon. Then, I came inside after putting out the recycling and found a dozen roses sitting on the table in a vase. Followed by dark chocolate and a movie. I couldn’t have asked for me!


Here was our Valentines Day dinner….I don’t know if you can tell, but that pizza is a heart.

The rest of the month was sick kids and sick Ammon and me attempting to be supermom and take care of everyone. I managed and boy was I glad I wasn’t sick!

We ended the month with a fun dinner party, grown-ups only! French-themed, at our house….we started with 8 couples coming and ended up with 3 couples (including us). Regardless, we had a fabulous time and had a more intimate visit then we would’ve with the whole gang. The kids had Stuart Little for a babysitter and actually did quite well, leaving us to enjoy ourselves.


  1. Hey Lauren…we miss you guys. Chris and I have been trying to make comments on your blog. I hope this works. We miss you guys, and hope you are doing well!

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