Hairy Fun!

After a few years of doing Natasha’s hair in pigtails, ponytails and braids, I was sick of the same ‘ole thing! I went searching on the net for some fun hair ideas and cam across this little gem:

It’s a site started by a Mom with a bunch of girls, who used her creativity to inspire all of us less-creative Moms! Tasha loves watching the little videos of the girls hair being done, while her hair is being done in the same style. I have lots that I like, but a few I favor. One of my absolute favorites is: the flower bun. It looks darling and works for school, church or anywhere you’re going that you want your hair to look fancy. Tasha loves this one too!


This is a pic of the girl from the website. I know I have one of Tasha somewhere, I’ll have to find it.

Anyways, if you want some fun ideas for your hair, or your girls, check out the site (url above).

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