Playing Catch Up!

I know, I’ve been AWFUL at updating this blog for the past two months. Most of the time, I love posting and I try to do it frequently, but sometimes I just get caught up in life and forget to document it! So, to backtrack a bit….

The first weekend in March (I think), Ammon was going to go skiing at Telluride. Since the kids and I hadn’t been there, we figured we’d hang out in the town while Ammon skied. We spent most of the time at the most fabulous library I’ve ever been to. Granted, I only saw the children’s side of the library, but that part was INCREDIBLE! It had high ceilings, decorated with all kinds of fun colorful things. There were computers, a playhouse; complete with dressup clothes, play kitchen, coloring and more. You could use the train set, build with legos, blocks are borrow games. They had potatoheads and all kinds of hands on things. Not to mention a fantastic selection of books with little, cozy sitting areas all over the place.

We met Ammon at the bottom of the mountain, after riding the free gondola, which the kids thought was VERY cool. Here are some pics:


I couldn’t get a normal picture, though I tried


See what I mean?

Once we found Ammon, we had a hot dog lunch:


We didn’t see a lot of telluride, but what we did see, we sure liked! We’re excited for another adventure there sometime.

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