Spring Break

We had a FABULOUS spring break this year! We had decided to go to Littleton for a week and then to Colorado Springs to visit with cousins for a few days. Our biggest beef with traveling with the kids is that Annika gets so miserable in the car. She whines and fusses and screeches and basically makes it unbearable for everyone trapped in the car with her. Lucky for me, I have a handy husband, who hooked up a flat screen monitor to his iphone to the car stereo and voila! We had a built-in movie system, which made the 6 hour drive a dream!

We arrived on Friday night and had a pretty low-key weekend. We watched the general conference of our church and played at the park. On Monday, I took the kiddos swimming at an indoor pool, perfect for the kids. It had a graduated, beach-like entry and wasn’t very deep. There was a play structure in the middle of the water and geysers all over. We had a great time splashing around. For dinner, the Mannings treated us to a super-yummy mexican dinner and the kids devoured their platters of food. We couldn’t believe how much they ate!  (picture coming later)


Tasha decided Annika needed a manicure on Sunday


Girls being Mommies

Tuesday, we played at the park and then went on a tour of Hammond’s Candy store and finished up with the Denver Children’s Museum. It was fun, tiring day! The Children’s museum was definately the highlight of the day and we’d love to go back when it isn’t quite so crowded. There were easels and paint for creating masterpieces, a mini-dance studio, a workshop for your inner-builder, a bubble room and a giant tree you could play in.

Wednesday, the kids endured a hour or so of boredom while I searched for fabric to recover some throw pillows. Kevin found my favorite fabric and it was on sale! I decided he can come again. We hit the park again, as a reward for being so great in the stores. We also stopped at the kids all-time favorite Littleton activity-the pet store. Every time we go to Littleton, that’s their first request. In the evening, Ammon and I went on a date to the Temple and hit Krispy Kreme on the way home. They had the most incredible banana cream donut! Oh my goodness, it was amazing!


Kevin learned to swing by himself for the first time this day!


Tasha loves to climb the rock walls and swing on the monkey bars and has no fear, despite her claim that she’s afraid of heights!

Thursday, I took the kids to the Denver Temple. They’d never been before and they were in awe of the beauty of the Temple, complete with gardens and the fountain. We drove up and they exclaimed, “WOW, it’s so beautiful!!!”. They could tell it’s a special place. We timed it just right and managed to get there just as a bride and groom were emerging from inside.


The kids Thursday morning. We surprised them with the sprinkliest donuts we could find (yuk!). They loved it!


I took the kids to Walmart to spend their Christmas money from their Great-Grandma B. Kevin picked out this nerf dart gun. I liked his pose!


The kids and I in front of the Denver Temple


Three sweet kids…


The kids stood, open-mouthed, looking at this statue of the Savior.


So cute! I love this one. =)


Sweet girl

Thursday evening, we met Lee and Ellen at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Unfortunately for us, we only had an hour to explore because the museum closed at 5pm. We still enjoyed the time we had though. The kids were really into it!


T-rex and t-rex babies


Play with the Mars sand exhibit. This room all about the planets was probably the kids favorites.


Pirate Bob, Annika, Papa


This cracked me up!

Friday afternoon, we headed to the cousins house in Colorado Springs. The kids and their cousins had the BEST time together, just being crazy! At bedtime, we had the three girls in one room and the three boys in the other. SO fun!


Two peas in a pod; the sweetest, feistiest girls you’ve ever met.


Hanging out, enjoying the summer-like weather


Showing their true colors


The whole gang


Jaron and Tasha wrestling


Jaron the jungle-gym


Ethan-Mr. Muscle Man


The boys, horsin around

Saturday morning, we enjoyed watching the boys play soccer and then headed home. What a fun time!

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