Mom’s Visit

Monday, we had planned to go riding, but Mother Nature decided to play a fun trick on us. It snowed all day! Since all the kids were at school, we took advantage of that and had a fun girls out. First we stopped at our local thrift shop where we found the BEST deals. I’ll have to post them later because I don’t have pictures of them now. I scored some great furniture. Then we went to Ouray and window-shopped until we were starving. Mom treated us to a restaurant with great food and cruddy service! Would I go there again? I can’t say I won’t….but it might be a while. We hit the chocolate shop after that!


Mom and I playing in Ouray. Not a good photo of the mountains, which looked much more beautiful right then and it was sunny out. Oh well.

Tuesday, we dragged Annika around Montrose to run some errands and go to Home Depot to pick up some paint samples and things for our new house. (more about that later).

Wednesday was kind of a low-key day. We took the paint samples, the granite and cupboard samples over to the house and weeded them out, one by one, until I had made decisions for most of the rooms. Very exciting!

Thursday, we picked up the kids at school and went straight to the Hot Springs in Ouray. It was fun, yet exhausting since Annika and Kevin obviously needed a nap that day and didn’t get one. There was plenty of whining and complaining, despite our swimming, picnic eating, ice-cream licking and playing at the park. Such is life!


The kiddos and Grammy ready to jump in


All of us, taken by a very nice, very HAIRY female European photographer that hopped out of the pool to take our picture.

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