House Drama

Yes. There’s more….So, let’s see. I think I posted that the bank had to terminate our contract on the said “Dream House” because the former owner was appealing the foreclosure. Well, we tried to convince them to keep us under contract and just extend us out 6 months. They wouldn’t, or couldn’t do that, so we were left waiting and hoping. Upon speaking to the former owner’s lawyer, we kind of abandoned some of the hope since his estimate for the time it would take to sort the mess out- 1-2 years!!!!! So, we started keeping our eyes open to other possibilities. And we found one!!!

A foreclosure came up just two “blocks” (country blocks) away at an amazing deal! Just when we were about to pounce, it went under contract. Bummer. Not meant to be, we thought. A cash deal, set to close in 30 days-a no brainer, right? Wrong. Three days later our agent called, the house is back on the market. We went through it again and while it wasn’t our dream house, it was a nice house with tons of potential and plenty of qualities that we desired in a house. Plus it was on 2 acres and a great deal. How could we go wrong? So, we are officially under contract, due to close before the end of May.

Now you have the story, here are specs on the house:

2500sqft (perfect size, I think). 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom with an open, finished, walk-out basement. Lots of storage, 4 car garage, radiant in-floor heat. A mud room. A wrap-around deck with a nice view of the Cimarron Mountain Range. Lots of big windows, 2 fireplaces. There you have it. It’s an older house, so it does need lots of paint, a kitchen remodel and a bathroom remodel and Ammon is going to make a laundry room where it’s so obvious that there should be one. The only thing that has to be done right away is the laundry room and the paint and at the deal we’re getting, it’s no big deal.

It took me a while to wrap my brain around the floor plan, because it’s not what I’m used to, or what I expected, but after going over there so many times in the past few months, I’ve grown to love it. It makes a lot of sense for us. Here are some before pics:


This is kind of a funny angle of the front of the house


Mud room…I can’t wait to keep all my mud in one place!


The “Project” kitchen.


The other side of the small, but very efficient kitchen


The kids bathroom that looks really ghetto from this picture, but actually the vanity, mirror and shower are all really nice….we just have to ditch the washer and dryer from there and paint the walls. Later, we’ll remodel it a bit and put in another sink and counter where the washer and dryer are now so the girls can get pretty at the same time!


This is the family/dining room.


Master Bedroom


Kevin’s room


Downstairs bathroom


Finished basement


Other half of the finished basement

Now keep in mind, these are before pictures. It’s not a ready to move into kind of house and we like the idea of making it our own. So stay posted to see the after pictures in the next two months or so!

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