Off Friday

Tasha had no school this past Friday. Without any sort of planned activity, halfway through the day, all the kids would be at each other’s throats. Ok not really, but they would start bickering. So, I planned an art day. Tasha LOVES anything of the crafty/artsy sort and we rarely do it because it’s time consuming and very messy! We spent the morning painting, coloring and creating to their little hearts delight. I’d had enough around lunchtime and we invited a friend over to play at that point. It was fun while it lasted though!


Making popsicle stick boxes


Crayon shaving art (remember these? you iron the waxed paper together and then cut out a shape and hang it on the window)


Did I mention art is messy at our house? Meet Miss Messy!

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  1. Beth

    oh, i love that you had an art day! i had completely forgotten about those crayon shaving projects. that’s hardcore.

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