Off-Roading Adventure

We tried to do a little off-roading to see if the trails were all clear so we could take Ammon’s sister and her family. We only got about 1 mile up the trail and hit snow deep enough that we had to turn around. So, we tried another trail and had luck! They had plowed the trail almost all the way up. The kids thought it was amazing that the snow was taller than Jack on the sides of the trail. Despite the snow, it was in the 60’s and quite pleasant.




We had a blanket in the car, so Ammon threw it up on the huge pile of plowed snow and threw each kid up on it one at a time. They didn’t want to get down!


The snow was taller than me!

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  1. Beth

    wow, i had no idea they could even plow trails like that. cool! and holy a lot of snow batman!

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