If I can live through this….I’ll laugh at it later

Annika has been nicknamed the destroyer for good reason. In the past week and a half she has managed to:

-cut most of her hair off

-draw all over the floor and the walls

-cover herself and the floors with sunscreen

-eat toothpaste

-EAT, not chew 5 pieces of gum….in about an hour

-paint our bathroom with nail polish

-decorate our jetted tub and bathroom floor with 5 bottles of  sprinkles and eat half a bag of mini chocolate chips

-use the cat’s litterbox as her own litterbox (#1 & #2)

-go to the bathroom, camping-style…outside and then using a plastic shovel tried to bury it…Upon it sticking on the shovel, thought it would be great to wipe it off on the porch chairs

-pulled the curtain rod out of her bedroom wall

………….dare I go on……………

Now, keeping in mind that I’m busy with packing and finishing tables and planning a birthday party, etc…I’m still checking on Annika every 10 min or so, but apparently that’s not often enough.

Some of these are funny…some, not so much. Luckily, in 5 years, this will all be a big laugh. Ha. ……Ha…..


One of the many sunscreen incidents….

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