Mining Mission

Last weekend, we were planning on going camping, but the weather decided otherwise. It was supposed to be sunny, but only in the 50’s and it was supposed to rain and snow the next day. Instead, we went off-roading a little and found an old tailings pile from an abandoned mine and panned for gold. We had fun digging in the dirt and found lots of fools gold, a tiny white-ish crystal, but no real stuff. It didn’t matter though, most of the fun was in digging and looking for it.


The kids bumping around in the back


A beautiful waterfall on the way up the trail


I thought this looked cool, the river rushing through a tunnel in the snow

After panning, we sat down and did hot dogs and s’mores over a fire.


Taking a break


Annika scarfing down watermelon after watermelon slice until she was red and sticky and full!


The view


This picture cracks me up….I spontaneously decided to face the camera in the back of the car and take a picture. This is what i got!!!! lol


Ammon likes to take these shots of Jack because he’s still in awe of what this jeep can do. It’s fun. It’s true. It’s kind of a functional toy.


On the trail


Another rushing river

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