Happy Birthday Tasha!

Tasha turned 7 on June 22nd and had a high school musical party with 6 of her friends. It was a little hairy with me making the cake right up until the very moment people arrived. Annika had added to the chaos during the day by having two accidents on the floor, taking all of her clothes out of her dresser and decorating the floor with them and so much more. Did I mention she had one of the accidents while I was attempting to put one layer of sheet cake on top of the other. Um…yeah. It looked interesting. Anyways, everyone enjoyed the party and Tasha had a great time and that’s what mattered!

Tasha has been wanting a pair of pink cowgirl boots. I’d been eyeing some at Target and they went on sale in Dec, so I grabbed them! She’s worn them almost daily since she received them, despite the heat.

Matching Tasha/dolly nightie

Aren’t they sweet?

Lots of books to read

Tasha had a friend over for the day of her party and she dressed Kevin up like this. He happily obliged, pleased to be included!

Some of the birthday gang enjoying their cafeteria-style food (mac n cheese, hot dogs, jello, apples & carrots….oh, and chocolate milk)

This one guest kept making weird faces at the party, what’s that all about?!

Then she made this one and we decided to keep her!

Yeah! This is the best party ever!

All the cute little crazies at my house for the party

Happy Birthday to you…. (I can’t believe you’re 7!)

Making a wish

Hanging out after the party

Me and my girls

Me and the birthday girl! Where does the time go?




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