We’ve been looking forward to getting a doggie for quite some time and hadn’t decided quite when it would happen. As fate would have it, we bumped into some adorable lab puppies in front of Walmart the other day. Rocky stole our heart and home he came: He’s six weeks old and as cute as a button! He’s been a very good boy, only having a few accidents and has been sleeping in his crate at bedtime without keeping us awake too much (still more than we would like!) and we all laugh with joy at his cute puppy antics. My favorite is watching his chubby puppy self gallop/waddle around.

Meet Rocky

(update: as I post this, Rocky is contradicting all the sweet things I said about him above. It’s a naughty puppy day today. Hoping for better things tomorrow….ok, Rocky?)







  1. Beth

    oh lauren, i could just eat him up!!! he is so adorable. yes, puppies require a lot of work and patience. my next goal in life is to get a dog. i imagine it will require a number sub goals to get there. but really, it’s all about the dog. congratulations!

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