I know a few weeks since I put anything on here and I never like it when people don’t update their blogs. I love to see what friends and family are up to and I always look forward to it. So for any who were looking forward updates here and haven’t found them recently-I apologize. So, here is a brief update on what we’ve been doing.

We’ve spent the last few weeks getting unpacked and somewhat organized. We’re mostly painted now, except the bathrooms and the lower level. That will come later. Our current projects are white-washing the fireplace, painting the outside window trim and installing the evaporative cooler.

-we spent July 4th in Ouray for the great parade (including getting soaked by the fire trucks as they drove by) and the old school airplane that flew low over our heads in the canyon. The rest of the day we were unpacking and then we watched the fireworks from a lookout point on the hill we live on.

-we saw a magician at our local library and Tasha started their fun summer reading program

-had a fabulous visit with Grampa-great (Grandpa Manning) and Grandma Hazel. This was our first time meeting Grandma Hazel much to our delight. She was an amazing woman. We all enjoyed our visit immensely!

-the kids spent numerous days playing with friends at the park, the ponds and the state park

-spending time at friends homes for dinners, ice cream and visits

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