Camping Trip….long post warning

We finally had the chance to go camping this year. Kind of a late start, but better late than never! We went with friends to a place close to Blue Lake, about 35 min from our house. Although the morning before we left when I was packing up all the junk we had to take with us, I seriously questioned if the chaos was really worth it, it was totally what we needed as a family. Just some fun, relaxation with no house stuff to do and wonderful friends to spend time with.

Our campsite in the middle of a grove of trees….you had to cross a small stream to get to it

The girls chillin with hot chocolate


Too many s’mores

Playing in the stream…..a highlight to be sure

What do you mean it’s too big?!

Frolicking in the flowers with friends (how’s that for alliteration!)

Catching butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies, like handfuls!

He’s getting bigger, FAST!

Keeping Baby J company

Snuggles with M

Isn’t she a doll?


Taking Rocky for a walky

We saw some scary monsters at camp

And some cute green fuzzy ones too!

Posing, always posing

Resting after part of our hike

Someone didn’t quite make it the whole way

Suitable hat, no?

The Moms and their boys took a side trip up a hill

And made it to the top!

Just a little bit beautiful!

Back at camp, relaxing

And relaxing….hey….now I know what he was doing while I was taking all these pictures!



Happy Birthday Annika!

It’s official! Our littlest girl is now 3 years old. Why is it always so hard to believe that your kids are a year older? It seems like they should stay little forever and never grow up, yet every year they look a little more mature, grow a lot taller and seem so much bigger!

We had a small little family party for Miss Annika, who requested macaroni & cheese, cucumbers and bananas for dinner. (not mixed together, though that would be interesting!)

Being sung to

Making a wish


Close up of Dora

Family snuggles


Gift time

Kevin enjoying Annika’s new hair bobbles



Posing with her new stroller

Say cheese!

Parties are fun, even if you’re not the birthday person

Sometimes things get a little crazy!



The boys day

A few weeks ago, Lee & Ellen came to visit/help us with projects. We had a wonderful time, as we always do and the kids loved spending special time with their grandparents.

The first full day they were here, we did a separate boys thing/girls thing. The boys went off-roading & hiking, while us girls went to the thrift store and got some bargains and then came home for a makeover/fashion show. Fun day!

Our reliable rock climber

Some of the boys chill in by Lake Como

Kevin & Papa hiking

Lake Como, always spectacular

Different view

My favorite little hiker

This one comes in at a close second!


Yankee Boy Basin

This place mentioned above is supposed to have phenomenal wildflowers. It’s a place where photographers come from all over to shoot. I’d heard so much about it that when we went last year (a week late, past the flowers prime) I was really disappointed. This year however, it exceeded my expectations in beauty. We caravanned with friends and oohed and ached over the different flowers and waterfalls and mountains surrounding us.

When we reached our destination, we walked through fields of wildflowers almost as tall as me. (It kind of made me want to frolic, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Our little boy is growing up!

The Columbine-Colorado’s state flower. I’ve never seen them this vivid before

Can you say attitude?


Enjoy God’s most beautiful creations with friends

My sweet & sassy girls

A river runs through it


Weekend Adventure

We took the kids and Rocky off-roading a couple of weekends ago up Imogene Pass. It’s a beautiful spot with lots of wildflowers in July. I could’ve gone all day with the sights we saw, but our house was calling.






Summer personified

Mountain paradise….wanna come visit yet?

Fields of flowers











Ward Campout

We had a ward campout a few weeks ago. We got all packed up and headed to Montrose to grill our own dinner. We enjoyed a fun dinner and got to chat with some of our congregation that we didn’t know as well, while Mr. Rocky the pup entertained the kids. It was a good time to be sure, but we were bummed that no one else was actually planning on staying overnight. Everyone was going to come back for breakfast instead. Oh well. We still had fun!

Annika and her s’more

Kevin getting a ride on the 4-wheeler

Annika’s turn….a first!


About three weeks ago (right after the last time I blogged), we took the kids to the drive in. They didn’t know they were going. We just made it like we were running errands and ended up at the drive in to see CARS 2. The kids were so excited once they realized what we were doing. I wish I had a photo of the moment they figured it out. We backed Jack in the spot, opened the back up, threw down some blankets and enjoyed the flick…after some ice cream that is. Such a fun time!

Eating ice cream before the movie

Chillin in our jammies, waiting for the movie to start