Camping Trip….long post warning

We finally had the chance to go camping this year. Kind of a late start, but better late than never! We went with friends to a place close to Blue Lake, about 35 min from our house. Although the morning before we left when I was packing up all the junk we had to take with us, I seriously questioned if the chaos was really worth it, it was totally what we needed as a family. Just some fun, relaxation with no house stuff to do and wonderful friends to spend time with.

Our campsite in the middle of a grove of trees….you had to cross a small stream to get to it

The girls chillin with hot chocolate


Too many s’mores

Playing in the stream…..a highlight to be sure

What do you mean it’s too big?!

Frolicking in the flowers with friends (how’s that for alliteration!)

Catching butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies, like handfuls!

He’s getting bigger, FAST!

Keeping Baby J company

Snuggles with M

Isn’t she a doll?


Taking Rocky for a walky

We saw some scary monsters at camp

And some cute green fuzzy ones too!

Posing, always posing

Resting after part of our hike

Someone didn’t quite make it the whole way

Suitable hat, no?

The Moms and their boys took a side trip up a hill

And made it to the top!

Just a little bit beautiful!

Back at camp, relaxing

And relaxing….hey….now I know what he was doing while I was taking all these pictures!



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  1. Kylene

    Love all the updates. I have decided that when I have a million dollars, I am building a summer home up where you are….maybe in the meantime I will have to come up and visit at least once or twice a year!

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