Yankee Boy Basin

This place mentioned above is supposed to have phenomenal wildflowers. It’s a place where photographers come from all over to shoot. I’d heard so much about it that when we went last year (a week late, past the flowers prime) I was really disappointed. This year however, it exceeded my expectations in beauty. We caravanned with friends and oohed and ached over the different flowers and waterfalls and mountains surrounding us.

When we reached our destination, we walked through fields of wildflowers almost as tall as me. (It kind of made me want to frolic, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Our little boy is growing up!

The Columbine-Colorado’s state flower. I’ve never seen them this vivid before

Can you say attitude?


Enjoy God’s most beautiful creations with friends

My sweet & sassy girls

A river runs through it


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