Dinner Group

We’re part of a dinner group that meets monthly at a different house each month, with themed food. There are probably 8-10 couples in this group and we always have a fabulous time. Sometimes it’s just dinner and conversation, other times we add in a game for fun.

August was our turn to host, with fondues and salads as the theme. It was a great time, lots of visiting going on and getting to know some new additions to our group as well. Plus the food was outstanding. We had cheese fondue and chocolate fondue with plenty of dippers and a fryer that produced the yummiest homemade potato chips and french fries and fried veggie. Yum!

I never take photos at these things, so this time I decided I needed to!

Some of the girls

The guys trying their hand at pictionary/charades

No, no, this is how it’s done!

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