First day of school

I can’t say I was disappointed that this day came….although I wasn’t excited to see 5 am again. The kids were stoked for their first day of 2nd grade and kindergarten respectively. They picked out their own outfits and we actually were the 2nd ones to the bus stop, which was a happy surprise (that we weren’t late).

Kevin all spiffied up and ready to go

Tashy’s close up

And one far away, ‘cause she was posing and you had to see the cute boots!

They both had a great first day. Kevin was a little bummed because Kindergarten is 1/2 day this week only, but he was looking forward to eating lunch at school. He got a sticker though and got to have recess, so those things were high on his list. Tasha received a gift cert. for a bookstore from her 1st grade teacher because she read 40 books over the summer, which she was understandable excited about. Woo too!

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