Labor Day!

We had the best weekend with a visit from our friends Kylene and Jeremy and their baby Sophie. We hadn’t seen them in three years and were so looking forward to their visit. Saturday the guys went out target shooting and had blast (literally). When they came back, Kylene and I went to shop till we dropped. Ok, well not really, but we did hit the local thrift store and had a good time and yes, came back with a few things. (I could’ve come back with more!) Saturday night we enjoyed pizza from our pizza place and walked it off afterwards.

Monday was the labor day parade and rodeo. The parade was fun as parades always are. Full of old cars, lots of people on horseback and candy being thrown everywhere. It was fun to watch the kids scramble!

The kiddies enjoying the parade

Is this not the best ever?! I loved this little guy. He was hilarious!

I just liked this sign

The tractor was even better!

The kids trying to get the candy before everyone else did

I’m not an orange fan, but that is one cool car!

The town’s original firetruck

The big firetrucks were going by….can you tell?

This is the cool ridgway fire dep’t train that you just threw your kid in and they got to go for a ride.

Chillin during the bbq in the park that followed the parade

Being silly

Did I mention we were being silly?


Just to prove my point

And for the grand finale!!!!


After Ky and Jeremy headed out back to NM, Mom, the kids and I went to the rodeo like a good westerner should!

These were the bareback bronco riders! Can I say hello Chiropractor? These guys were amazing, but oh my goodness my back hurt just watching them.


One of the pro lady barrel racers making her way back to the finish line (so to speak)

This was my first rodeo really, other than the Calgary Stampede when I was 16. It was a lot of fun. Cotton Candy, barrel racing, roping, bull riding, a relay race (with horses) and the kids even got to chase calves and try to catch one. If they touched one, they got $1. Tasha got one, Annika fell over so they gave her a buck anyways.

Fun times!


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