Here Kitty Kitty

A few days ago, we had a kitty scare. We’ve only been letting Annabell outside at nighttime because of an obnoxious neighbor who thinks domestic animals should be allowed to roam free, but just not on his property (how the heck do you teach a cat where a property line is). Well, Monday night we let her out and she didn’t return Tuesday morning. Usually she’s waiting at the door to come in. All day Tuesday I thought, oh she’ll come back. Well, by Wednesday morning she still hadn’t returned and I was thinking the worst. After all, we live in a coyote/mountain lion/bobcat infested area AND our last kitty got eaten we’re pretty sure. Lucky for us, Wednesday mid-morning, who should show up at our door, but Miss Annabell. Whew!

Since I never post photos of her…here’s a cute one of her napping

And one of her saying cheese

Her momentary disappearance made me realize what a great cat she’s been for us; putting up with the kids fighting over her, dressing her up, mauling her and now the dog chasing her around. She’s a snuggler when she’s inside and miss wild-mouser when she’s outside. The perfect combo.

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