More Randoms

Here are some more pics I found:

The ground-breaking for our new church building, which cuts our commute in half! woo hoo! It was actually really neat too b/c the weather was terrible when we arrived and sprinkled on and off, really cold too. During the closing hymn (The Spirit of God) all of a sudden, the clouds cleared and the sun shone through. It was a beautiful moment.

All of our kids had a chance to help “build” the new structure. They felt pretty special!

A few weeks ago, we went to Grand Junction to check out Sam’s Club. We don’t have a Costco anywhere close, so we figured it was time to make the switch. While we were there, we stopped at Cabela’s (outdoors store for those who aren’t familiar). Tasha found some friends while we were there! They’re kind of the quiet type, but that’s the way she likes it!

Finger-painting time! So messy, but so much fun!

This seriously cracked me up! She tried these on in the dollar store and appeared around the corner wearing them. I had a hard time taking the picture without laughing! She’s such a little actress!

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  1. kylene

    Fun! You’ve been better about blogging lately than I have. I need to blog my Utah trip, but haven’t had the energy to do it!

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