Random Sampler

Here are some photos I found on my iPhone, spanning a couple of months:

This is from our last trip to the beach at the local State park. The kids loved going there and can’t wait until next year when they can do it again.

The girls living it up

I just loved the way the clouds looked this day, like someone painted them

Isn’t he sexy?! He’s always good for a laugh! =)

This was our little excursion to the Ute Indian Museum the week before school started. The kids loved it! My little buffalo!


Grammy and the gang outside the museum

Snuggling with the bear

My youngest daughter…..isn’t she lovely? I think I’ll frame this one!

This was the day that Annika and I had ice cream for lunch! She was so thrilled to be able to pick her own ice cream and mix-ins. It was a fun mommy-daughter date!



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