Happy Birthday Ammon!

I won’t tell you how old he is….ok he’s 33. =) He had kind of a normal day because well, it was a weekday which means seminary in the morning and work all day! But, we did make him puffy oven pancakes and buttermilk syrup (his fav) and bought him a sweater and some new khakis. I had planned a nice dinner, but one of my ingredients decided to go bad on me, so it was chicken nuggets for him. He was as happy as can be. It’s kid food, so it fits!

The birthday boy and his fans! (or most of them anyways) Mom joined us for dinner and made him one of his favorites: Key Lime Pie!

I was wanting to get a good photo of us and I knew he was going to make a face….hence the result of this picture

The normal one


Cute Girls

My Mom always calls Annika, Matilda. I haven’t seen the movie all the way through, but the little girl who plays Matilda is also in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs. Doubtfire. She’s a spunky, funny little girl with lots of expression and tons of personality. Not only does Annika resemble her (except that she lacks the brown hair), she is so much like her!

A lot of people don’t get to see the true Annika because at times she can be very shy. It’s a pity really, because she’s so much fun!

Fake, cheesy smile, but cute nonetheless!

She kind of takes after Kevin. See the resemblance?

Sweet Tashy all ready for church in her fancy coat

Sister snuggles

Apples, apples, apples!

Last year was the first year I’d ever canned (bottled) fruit before and I actually enjoyed it. We also really enjoyed having the peaches, pears and apples on our shelves all year long. Well, this year, I went a little crazy and bought about twice as much fruit as last year and have been canning for a few months now and well….I’m done for a while! Mom has been a great help canning with me, which makes the time go by faster (and the work too!). Saturday, the kids got in on the action. I decided they needed to learn how to can since it’s a skill they can use! They readily agreed.

Kevin manning the peeler, corer, slicer

Tasha did the cutting (cut out the bad parts and cut the slices in half) and Annika did the eating….I mean, bottled the apples and made sure they were sprinkled with lemon juice.

I’m happy to say that Kevin lasted 1 1/2 hours, while the girls went a little longer, about 2 1/2 hours. They were a great help and we had fun while we worked.

Rocky Roo

Rocky is growing up fast! He’s almost full-grown, I think and has lost his puppy bark. His manners are improving and most of the time he’s so fun to have around. (I say most of the time because he still demands that you play with him a lot and it’s not always convenient!).

Sleeping with his bone in his mouth. You can’t be too careful with these human folk around. Sometimes they snatche the bone right from under your nose and put it away for days at a time! =0

Keeping his bone close….just in case we get sneaky


Trick or Treat, smell my feet…

We had a full weekend of Halloween festivities! It was fun, but busy and I’m glad Halloween is over now =).

On Friday, Kevin got to wear his costume to school since the Kindergarteners had the opportunity to trick-or-treat to our local retailers. In the afternoon, was the school halloween parade when everyone could dress up.

The hulk! We thought it was a suitable costume for our ever-growing Kevin. =) He didn’t get to see his body until the morning of his school halloween stuff. Not because I was keeping it a secret, but because I hadn’t had time to create it. He liked his muscles.

Our little witch….one of them anyways!

The scary version

Saturday evening…our church always does a trunk-or-treat. Everyone comes, decorates their trunk and the kids go from trunk to trunk to collect their candy. It started out great, but then brrrrrr….it was cold! Fun, but cold.

I was a ghost….just kidding! 😉

I bought this costume at Target (minus the hair) a few years ago on clearance and was happy to finally have the chance to wear it.

Being goofy…not that I ever do that!


Happy Halloween!

Though Halloween really has no greater meaning (at least to me!), it’s a fun holiday. Rocky got into the Halloween spirit by eating some pumpkin:

I didn’t do it! Honest!!! I’m just laying here!

Wait, what?! You’re taking away my pumpkin? It’s mine!



For family home evening a few weeks ago, we carved our pumpkins with halloween tunes jamming in the background and sweets for our sweet tooths. It’s always a fun time. Here are our creations for this year:

Trying out their halloween faces!

Four little pumpkins sitting on a deck


Happy 6th Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin is officially 6! Ok, well, he was about 17 days ago…I’m a little behind! 😉 Kevin has a hard time deciding on things and tends to change his mind frequently. So this year I made a rule for Kevin. I decide on the birthday party theme and keep it a surprise until the day of his party. This year I chose Halloween, because well…it’s so easy! I wish I’d had a camera to see Kevin’s reaction when he walked out into the family room. I couldn’t get pictures of everything, but basically there were spider-webs everywhere and hanging skeletons and spiders and rats and all kinds of fun, halloweeny things.

Here are the pics from his bash:

It was a spooky night at the Manning Mansion…

There were lots of scary monsters mulling about…(the scariest monster is not shown…it was Franken-Daddy…he was part of a game. You know the feel the yucky body parts game? Well, Franken-Daddy laid on a bed covered with a sheet and had bowls of guck under it. I helped the kids feel everything. They were more than a little hesitant at first, but eventually everyone participated.)

There was bobbing for apples

Tasha decided the best method was to stick her whole head in the bowl to get the apple

The spider-licious cake

Birthday wishes

Grammy Hugs

It was a fun night for all the little monsters and the grown-ups even had a little fun too.