Happy 6th Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin is officially 6! Ok, well, he was about 17 days ago…I’m a little behind! 😉 Kevin has a hard time deciding on things and tends to change his mind frequently. So this year I made a rule for Kevin. I decide on the birthday party theme and keep it a surprise until the day of his party. This year I chose Halloween, because well…it’s so easy! I wish I’d had a camera to see Kevin’s reaction when he walked out into the family room. I couldn’t get pictures of everything, but basically there were spider-webs everywhere and hanging skeletons and spiders and rats and all kinds of fun, halloweeny things.

Here are the pics from his bash:

It was a spooky night at the Manning Mansion…

There were lots of scary monsters mulling about…(the scariest monster is not shown…it was Franken-Daddy…he was part of a game. You know the feel the yucky body parts game? Well, Franken-Daddy laid on a bed covered with a sheet and had bowls of guck under it. I helped the kids feel everything. They were more than a little hesitant at first, but eventually everyone participated.)

There was bobbing for apples

Tasha decided the best method was to stick her whole head in the bowl to get the apple

The spider-licious cake

Birthday wishes

Grammy Hugs

It was a fun night for all the little monsters and the grown-ups even had a little fun too.


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