November/December Update Part 2

The first Monday we returned, we decorated our tree…that’s the night I started feeling not so good…

Little Elves decorating the tree

The decorators


Both of the older kids had a Christmas concert at school. It was surprisingly brief and enjoyable! Sometimes those things can drag on, but each class just did two songs a piece and were very entertaining.




The kids helped decorate the gingerbread guys…normally they do more of the baking than that, but since I still wasn’t feeling the greatest, this was all the help I could handle!

We took some pictures in front of our tree on a Sunday…just for fun.

Here’s one outtake. Not the family one we chose, but I still like it.

Here’s our little Christmas angel…we thought about making her the tree topper, but decided against it.

Someones growing up….sigh


I always love taking a pic of the girls together. I don’t know why…I just think they’re sweet together I guess

Here’s our handsome boy….is he Daddy’s boy or what!?

Here’s another handsome boy

This picture cracks me up! He’s definitely a member of the family….related to me for sure!


Our town had a little Christmas in the Park day…Tashy was one of the carolers

She had a great time, though you wouldn’t know it by her face…the sun was too bright

Kevin and Santy claus

Annika claimed she didn’t want to sit with Santa, but somehow did it anyways

Santa arrived on a firetruck….it was pretty cool

O Christmas tree…

Even Rocky got in on the fun. He had a great time playing in the snow with lots of other furry friends.


November/December Update

I know, I’m way overdue for a post. You know how November and December can be. Shopping, parties, birthdays, sickness, lots of baking. Every year I feel like I scale down a bunch, but I don’t seem to be any less busy. Hmmmm…

So, after Ammon’s birthday it was just normal busy life. Kevin got a stomach bug and we had preparations for our Thanksgiving vacation. The vacation was great! In a week we were able to stay overnight and visit some good friends of ours in Eagle, visit with Ammon’s parents, go to Chuck E Cheese, the Children’s Museum and more, and we spent lots of time with my sis-in-law and her family in Colorado Springs. Lots of crazy holiday shopping in between of course. We had a wonderful, full vacation. I think that’s why Ammon and I got so sick upon our return. Too much fun. =)

Denver Children’s Museum

They made paper parachutes and put them over the giant fan and watched them fly

Playing at in the giant tree, complete with squirrel holes and tunnels

My little birdies

In a giant bubble elevator, you pull the string and a giant bubble surrounds you

You can’t tell, but this is Lee (my father in law), making a ginormous bubble

Annika playing with the bubble vacuum

She didn’t like the bubbles at all

Kevin’s masterpiece

They made these princess crowns…sure they don’t sit on your head, but hey, they’re made out of cardboard, a plastic container and brads. What do you want for nothin?

Colorado Springs


Little hairstylists in training….what do you think?


Having some boy time…

Cousins movie night