This is kind of a one month together post since the month is almost over…

Here’s a recap:

-We were all sick with something or another for most of the month, but are now healthy…I think!

-We bought a new car…my van is 10 years old and starting to be rather problematic. We needed something reliable and good in the snow and big enough for us and a few of our kids playmates. We went for a Tahoe and ended up with a Suburban. I LOVE IT! Her name is “Big Lizzie” (she’s an Suburban LS, but Liz is too luxurious sounding for a Suburban)

-We had a fun game day with the kids and a bunch of movie nights and a pajama day

-Ammon and I booked a cruise for our 10-year anniversary in April; Bahamas, St. Thomas & St. Maarten. We can’t wait! This is the longest and first “real” vacation we’ve taken since we’ve had kids. The previous longest was 3 days and always in State.

-We’ve spent lots of time on projects like: reorganizing the laundry room, cleaning out the garage, rearranging the furniture and de-cluttering.

-We celebrated Mom’s birthday with dinner and a movie on the big screen.

-I finally got around to taking some photos of our family room/ dining room area to post on here. The other rooms will come…

Annika loves to help Mommy in the kitchen and generally, she’s a really good helper. This is her first time sautéing onions and something else…(I forget)

Being silly

Grammy and her gift-givers! Annika made the necklace and Tasha made a bracelet.

We sure have a lot of silly people in this family

This was on our pj day…we were headed to Montrose to run some errands. This is how Annika went!

This is our family room. It’s not quite finished yet, but getting there. We’re going to add an area rug with the sitting area, and two occasional chairs in front of the fireplace.

This is a closeup of the sitting area/desk

This is looking into the dining area at the far end

Dining room, minus the crystal chandelier and darker, bigger table I’ll get one day!


Photos of Big Lizzie and the rest of the house to come soon…


Christmas Vacation

I’m afraid I don’t have very many photos to show of Christmas. We had a great two weeks with the kids off of school. I didn’t feel nearly as prepared and relaxed as normal since being sick for the first week of December and then not having any energy the second week. The kids spent a lot of time playing and using their imaginations. We had one super-fun day full of movies, playing in the snow (with the dog), hot chocolate and some other activities. Ammon came down with a cold on Christmas Eve, so that made things not quite the same and then Christmas morning we got quite a surprise….

I awoke to the sound of children and looked at the clock with a shock to see it was after 7am. Ammon and I had both woken up around 3 am and had gone into a deep sleep afterwards so we didn’t even hear the kids. I hurried out into the family room and saw our little sweethearts opening their stockings with looks of joy on their faces. I asked if they were having fun and then walked over to the tree to find ALL OF THE PRESENTS OPENED!!!!! Even one of Ammon’s was open. I was appalled and upset and just plain ole sad. We’re not one of those, gocrazyandeveryonedivein kind of families. We the drink hot chocolate and eat croissants while we watched everyone open a present, one at a time, so that we can enjoy and appreciate the gifts given and received. I confiscated all of their gifts for a while and had no desire to do anything Christmasy. After an hour or so, I was calm enough to see things rationally, so we returned their gifts and opened our things (what was left of them). The rest of the day was much better than the first hour, I’m happy to say. =)

The day after Christmas, we had a hang out and do nothing kind of day and boy was it fun. We just ate, watched movies, ate some more and spent time together. I love vacations!

Snow day. I buried the kids in the snow, while our furry friend watched on…

Rocky enjoying the fresh snow. He pulled each of the kids down the hill on the sled and then wrestled with us in the snow. He loves catching snowballs and eating them if you throw them to him.

Us on Christmas Eve…ready to eat!

Me and my girl

We’re not sure who this kid is!

Mother and daughter

Ummm, OUCH!

The grub….or most of it anyway

Chow time!

Showing off new jambes