This is kind of a one month together post since the month is almost over…

Here’s a recap:

-We were all sick with something or another for most of the month, but are now healthy…I think!

-We bought a new car…my van is 10 years old and starting to be rather problematic. We needed something reliable and good in the snow and big enough for us and a few of our kids playmates. We went for a Tahoe and ended up with a Suburban. I LOVE IT! Her name is “Big Lizzie” (she’s an Suburban LS, but Liz is too luxurious sounding for a Suburban)

-We had a fun game day with the kids and a bunch of movie nights and a pajama day

-Ammon and I booked a cruise for our 10-year anniversary in April; Bahamas, St. Thomas & St. Maarten. We can’t wait! This is the longest and first “real” vacation we’ve taken since we’ve had kids. The previous longest was 3 days and always in State.

-We’ve spent lots of time on projects like: reorganizing the laundry room, cleaning out the garage, rearranging the furniture and de-cluttering.

-We celebrated Mom’s birthday with dinner and a movie on the big screen.

-I finally got around to taking some photos of our family room/ dining room area to post on here. The other rooms will come…

Annika loves to help Mommy in the kitchen and generally, she’s a really good helper. This is her first time sautéing onions and something else…(I forget)

Being silly

Grammy and her gift-givers! Annika made the necklace and Tasha made a bracelet.

We sure have a lot of silly people in this family

This was on our pj day…we were headed to Montrose to run some errands. This is how Annika went!

This is our family room. It’s not quite finished yet, but getting there. We’re going to add an area rug with the sitting area, and two occasional chairs in front of the fireplace.

This is a closeup of the sitting area/desk

This is looking into the dining area at the far end

Dining room, minus the crystal chandelier and darker, bigger table I’ll get one day!


Photos of Big Lizzie and the rest of the house to come soon…



  1. Beth

    house looks great!
    i love that you got a suburban. and love even more that you named it big lizzie! so great!

  2. Lauren

    Yay for the anniversary trip! I can’t wait for mine next year—Hawaii! (though I know that’s just flashback for you, I’m super excited)

  3. Melanie

    Wow! The place looks great! Good job! Can’t wait to see it completely done.

    Also, you will love the cruise! Which ship are you going on?

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