So, I know I’ve been awful about posting the past few months. For years, I felt like I was pretty consistent, but the past two years have been even fuller than ever before. It doesn’t help that I have a little pixie that flutters around all day vying for my attention…leaves little time for being on the computer blogging. I will do an update later about March at least (since that’s all I can remember now).

For now, here is our most exciting adventure. Ammon and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by going on an Eastern carribean cruise. It was everything you’d think it would be and more! The BEST vacation ever and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! The kiddies stayed with Lee and Ellen who were kind enough to play “Mommy” and “Daddy” for a week. They had all kinds of fun things planned to keep our little munchkins happy and busy (a.k.a. out of trouble!). So while the kids were going to the museum and the swimming pool and the park and Chuck e Cheese, etc, we were off being “Ammon and Lauren” and enjoying paradise at it’s best.

Day 1

-Get up at the crack of dawn and fly to Fort Lauderdale. Discover it’s cloudy and raining and muggy AND that all the other ports we’re supposed to hit at going to be the same way. Pray like crazy for good weather (and we got it!)  On the Oasis of the Seas by 2:00pm EST. Tried eating lunch at the healthy restaurant (Solarium Bistro)…NOT GOOD! So, we hit the big buffet instead. Mmmmm…much better. We took a tour around the ship and then checked out our room. Ammon surprised me with the Grand Romance Package (cue the oooooooooo’s). Flowers to greet us, plush robes to keep, vanilla bean cupcakes, chilled sparkling grape juice just to start. On each of the two formal nights, they brought us canapés before dinner and little desserts for later. Oh and breakfast in our room for the morning of our anniversary. To complete the package, a portrait of us on one of the formal nights and a silver frame. I think I’ll keep him (Ammon, I mean).

Our room…after nap time( which happened daily….sigh…take me back!)


Our feast while setting sail


-We sat on the balcony and watched as we set sail. The coast guard was doing all kinds of crazy things to show off (lights, sirens and driving their boats bond-style). The rest of the evening was filled with eating and exploring our massive “boat”.

Coast guard

A few photos of the largest cruise ship at sea:



Not that big right?

How about now? (we’re the one on the left 😉

The ship is divided into 7 different neighborhoods and each one is completely unique. The thing I loved about that was it didn’t seem there were 6,300 passengers and 2,000 crew/staff members.

The boardwalk/aqua theater, looking off the aft

Another shot, inside the boardwalk

Our favorite neighborhood: Central Park

Central Park at night

There’s lots more to come, but for today (and for the sake of attempting to make this not so lengthy)…it’s to be continued……..


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