Cruising Cont’d

Day 2

-Arrived in the Bahamas to rain and gloom, but it cleared up quickly. We spent our time touring an old fort (Fort Charlotte) built in 1789. It never fired a shot in battle, but it was still cool to see. We even got to see the dungeons where they stretched people to death-lovely. After that, we took a water taxi over to Paradise Island. 75% of Paradise island is owned by the Atlantis resort and the rest is owned by celebrities and such. We spent a little time looking around, but of course a lot of it you couldn’t see unless you were staying at the resort.

-things I liked: the pastel-colored homes, the ocean, the Atlantis resort.  Things I did not like: it was dirty and everyone wanted a handout (tips, tips, tips)

On the elevator going to our first island-the Bahamas

Military ship beside ours in port

A pretty lighthouse we saw on our walk to Fort Charlotte

Fort Charlotte

Ammon with the cannon

A cute little guy we saw while walking

Atlantis resort

Part of the resort lagoon

We decided we’re getting one of these yacht’s once the kids are out of the house so we can go to any island we like, anytime we want….we can dream, can’t we?!

The pretty houses I was talking about


-After returning to the ship (and taking a nap) we got all dressed up for the first formal night. We enjoyed dinner in the main dining room. I had shrimp gratin, following by shrimp ravioli with coconut -lobster sauce and lime zest and chocolate soufflé for dessert. MMMMMMM. As if life could get any better, on a whim we decided to go see “Hairspray”. It was AMAZING! I’ve never been to see anything on Broadway, but I would venture to say that these people were broadway quality without a doubt. Even Ammon said it was probably one of his favorite shows and he’s not really a musical guy.

The pretty fountains under the Rising Tide Bar (a bar that went up and down about 3 floors every 20 min or so)

All dressed up

Cool, but rather unpractical chairs…see what happens when you try to reach the armrests?


More cruising later….



  1. Beth

    oh lauren!!!! i am loving cruising with you on the blog! can’t wait to see more. you guys look so fantastic all dressed up btw!

  2. Kylene

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these posts about your cruise. I am so living vicariously through you right now. Looks like you had an amazing time. Hurry and finish your posts!

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