Cruising-Day 3

Whew! I’m back…Sorry for the hiatus. Life got in the way!

Day 3

-We were at sea on Day 3 (hee hee, I’m rhyming!). This was what we called our adventurous day. We got up and had breakfast in Central Park at the Park Cafe and then headed out to play. We tried rock climbing first. Ammon was successful…me…not so much. Not only does it scare me to death, but I had my nails done before we left and they were long, which makes it really hard to hold on to the handholds. I kept slipping off. On to the next adventure….the zipline. This was just as or even more scary to me than the rock wall. It only lasts about 7 seconds, but is on the top deck of the 17 deck ship. I did it! Ammon did too, but this was cake for him. I even went a second time to prove to myself that it wasn’t that scary. It was actually pretty neat because you could see the boardwalk with the carousel and stuff below.

This is about as far as I got…sad, I know!


-I attempted the flow rider….a surfing type simulation. The water is jetted out toward you and you try and ride the water with a really short board…It didn’t look that hard. It was. The guy barely let go of me and bam -whiplash. So not fun. Oh well, I tried it, right?!

-We spent some of the afternoon at the pool, reading our books and drinking virgin tropical drinks and then headed back to our room for our afternoon siesta. Sigh….I miss those naps!

-In the evening, we ate a lot par the course, rode the carousel and explored the cute and colorful boardwalk shops.

Me being silly…shocker!

Riding the carousel

A Zebra for me!

-We saw an amazing and very different show this night. It was called:

There were acrobats, synchronized swimmers and former olympic divers, all set to music.

This was the “stage” which lowered down and exposed a pool underneath. See that platform up there on the left side? That’s where the divers did their thing. My favorite thing was the trampoline stunts…These guys bounced all the way up to the platform above the blue curtains and back down. Now in the photo, it doesn’t look that far, but trust me, it was at least three times taller than the guys doing it. Awesomeness!

A few of our cruise friends

Isn’t he a hunk?





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