Cruising Day 4

Day 4

-St. Thomas! We were just pulling into port as we were waking up. It was beautiful and I could tell I was going to love this island. We (or should I say Ammon) was smart and we booked all our excursions through outside companies instead of through the cruiseline=a million times cheaper and way less people. We were picked up and taken to the north side of the island for our kayak/snorkel tour. We ended up with a private tour, which was awesome. Just us and the guide. We kayaked out to an island and then snorkeled around the reefs there for a couple of hours. The coral was unlike any I’d ever seen. It was comparatively untouched. Brain coral, fire coral, swaying, brightly colored sea fans. It was incredible. I got to hold a white sea urchin that kind of sucked itself to my hand (which felt funny!) and we swam through schools of fish by the thousands. I highly recommend snorkeling there if you ever go!

Arriving at St. Thomas

That little room jutting out over the edge is the “bridge” where the captain does his thing. It was right next to our room.

Don’t you love the color of the water

View of the harbor

Me enjoying the view….I did this a lot!

The island to the left is the one we kayaked to.

The urchin guy

My favorite sea fans-purple!! They were everywhere.

See all those little white-ish things? All fish! I’ve never seen them like this before. I kept trying to touch them, knowing they wouldn’t let me, but the kid in me had to try anyways!

Some pretty blue fishies

Another sea fan, with some other cool coral

-We kayaked over to some ruins and looked around for a while, as our guide told us some about the island and then we took a dip in the ocean before heading back to port. On the way back, our guide stopped at some lookout points and told us some of the history of the area. St. Thomas was apparently frequented by Sir Francis Drake (whom I researched back in elementary school!). He stayed there and hid from pirates.

Us kayaking over to the other shore to see the ruins. While we were there, we learned about “monkey no-climb trees” and “booby birds”. The trees have little tiny spikes all over them and although they don’t have monkeys…if they did, the monkey’s wouldn’t climb them! The birds dive-bombed the water to get fish. We just thought their names were hilarious!

Us and the ruins

Before heading back to port

-We stopped at Megean’s Bay (sp?) a beautiful and very tourist-filled beach with about 150 shipwrecks in the area. There’s a lot of shallow coral in that area and ships would try to get into the bay and sink themselves.

Us at the lookout

That’s our ship!

Us by Charlotte-Amalie

Isn’t it a pretty little town?

-We ate lunch at “The Fat Turtle” by a harbor. The food was fabulous! Fresh coconut shrimp, fish and chips and a virgin banana daiquiri. Life doesn’t get any better! While we were eating. We were joined by a cute little friend:

He kept turning his head towards me for the photo. I’d swear he was posing!

Hanging out in Central Park in the evening…I think this was the night we went and watched a Love & Marriage game show. Kind of like the newlywed game that used to be on tv, before my time…It was good for some laughs. I think this was also the night we ordered room service and ate about 6 cookies each from the cafe. Indulge much!? mmmmmmm



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