Cruising-Day 5

Day 5

-St. Maarten! We were planning on staying on the dutch side of the island, where we docked. However, we discovered the best parasailing was on the french side of the island. Off to Orient Bay we went! We were there early before many other tourists arrived. The beach was beautiful, despite the somewhat frequent occurrences of thonged-elderly couples strutting down the beach in all their ah-hem…glory? After waiting about 30 min to go parasailing and with no sign of our boat, we were presented with a jet-ski and told to go have fun. We happily obliged! We drove around like maniacs for the whole time, alternating between Ammon and I, both of us just about dumping the other person off the jet-ski with our crazy turns. I loved it! =) We finally got to go parasailing, which I expected to be somewhat scary (since I’m afraid of heights). Instead I discovered it was incredibly peaceful. Kind of just floating around.


That’s us, way up there!

What a great view we had!

-After about an hour or so of exhilaration, we were ready to chill. We rented padded lounge chairs that had a big umbrella, got our virgin drinks and just relaxed. ( in between buying souvenirs from the numerous beach vendors strolling by) Sigh….ok, I’ll go back now.

Our view

My pretty glitter toes. They were fun to look at in the sun.

This is pretty much what we did for two hours straight

The cool green ocean when a short-lived storm rolled in

Here’s what the water looked like the rest of the time

The beach got a little crowded in the afternoon…time to leave!

-We bought some more souvenirs on the way back to the ship and found AMAZING Indian food at a local, out of the way restaurant. If you ever go to St. Maarten and you like Indian food, call me! I’ll tell you where to go. =)

Another ship comparison….mine is bigger than yours is!

Not a formal night, but I wanted to dress up a little. The necklace and earrings are my souvenirs from St. Maarten

-We ended up going to an Abba impersonator group-performance. They were so good, I would have sworn it was them. I loved it! Ammon-not as much. Afterwards…if I’m remembering correctly, we did a little pool-hopping.



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