Cruising-Day 7

Day 7

-Ten wonderful, crazy, exciting years of marriage for us as of this day. Our life is never boring! We rarely argue and don’t understand it when couples talk about how they enjoy spending lots of time doing their own things, separately. We love spending time together and would rather be together than with anyone else. Maybe because even after 10 years, we’re still best friends, we still hold hands and talk until it’s way past our bedtime, we still sneak kisses in the kitchen and make the kids say “ewwwww”. =)

-We started with breakfast in our room…way more than we could eat, but of course, we ate most of it! We lazed around until 10:30am and then went to the pool and read our books and dipped in and out of the water. What a life! We stuffed ourselves silly at lunch with a burger and fries and onion rings and the most amazing sundae full of oreo/chocolately goodness.

-Dinner was at the swanky restaurant on the ship-150 central park. The kind of place with 6 courses that takes 2 hours to eat and everything is minuscule and they tell you every detail about each course. It was great! The food was bursting with amazing combinations of flavors and very elegantly presented. You kind of felt like royalty. One of my favorite things was that they had 6 different kinds of salt from around the world. You would spread butter on the amazing rolls and then put a little salt on it. I liked the smoky flavored one from Washington and the one from India that kind of tasted like, well, curry! I’ll have to post pics of the food from online later….

Here’s Ammon’s photoshoot from right before dinner…for your enjoyment:

Me in Central Park ( where the restaurant was)

Our dinner place

I loved the chairs…it made the conversation kind of private because of the way they were shaped.

I really liked the gold menu…I thought it was pretty!

10 years and counting….

Random sparkly sculpture that I loved


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  1. Kylene

    SO MUCH FUN! You guys look amazing (and tan). And it sounds like you guys had the time of your life. This just proves to me that Jeremy and I need to go on a cruise sometime. I just don’t know that I can wait for our 10 yr anniversary! That’s five years away. 🙁

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