Happy 8th Birthday-Tasha!!!!

We celebrated Tasha’s 8th birthday with a puppy-themed birthday party as per her request. And true to our word to do bigger birthdays and smaller Christmas (so we can focus on the Savior at Christmas time and not the gifts), we spoiled her rotten. But it was fun! =) Ammon had to work in Denver so he missed all the fun, but the kids were great helpers to me as I set up and got everything ready. I still ended up staying up way too late making the leashes and collars. I bought the stuffed dogs from the thrift store at anywhere from .33-$1.00 each. Their favors were a “doggie bag” with a tennis ball and a marshmallow “rope” toy and of course, their dog, leash and collar. They were probably the cheapest favors I’ve ever bought!

Here was the party-area, in all it’s puppy-glory. Thank you to all those random people in cyberspace who posted lots of great ideas. I borrowed from many of you!

Close-up of the puppies all gathered for the party

Adoption center, complete with certificate, collars and leashes

Cute little paw-print cuppycakes

Puppy-chow eating contest

One of the hungry puppies

This is the silly puppy

Sweet puppy

Present time!


Time to blow out the candles (I bet she wished for a golden retriever puppy!)

My little girl is 8!!!!!!




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