Tasha’s Baptism

It’s hard to believe that I have a child old enough to be baptized! I always knew (well, hoped) this day would come that one of my kids would choose to be baptized and it was every moment as wonderful as I expected to be. Tasha had no doubts. She was filled with surety that this was what she wanted to do. Even when we asked her if she wanted to pray about the truth of the things that we’ve taught her the last 8 years, she responded that she didn’t need to because she knew that they were true. What a great example of faith!

As members of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe that at the age of 8 years old, children are old enough to understand and make right and wrong choices and therefore accept the responsibility of baptism (which is to follow the example of Jesus Christ and keep his commandments). Before that, although they do things that are wrong, they aren’t always capable of understanding the consequences and sometimes even fully controlling what they choose. If you want to understand more about baptism check out this link: http://mormon.org. Oh and I have a profile on there too, if you want to see me! =) Try looking under people and then female, 25-34, Caucasian and keywords like: cook, Mother or Canadian.

We were so lucky to have Ammon’s family and my Mom join us for Tasha’s special day. Here’s how the day went:

Getting all dolled up with Auntie Julina

Our little family

Pretty girl, all ready!

She picked out her dress

And here’s the personality coming out!


With Uncle Arvin, just before being baptized


Auntie Julina gave spoke to Tasha and the group in attendance about baptism and Ellen spoke about the gift of the Holy Ghost. The whole program was lovely and sweet and reverent.

The whole family together right after the baptism

Grammy and her first baptized grandchild!

Auntie Julina and Tashy

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  1. Kylene

    You have been busy! Wow. So fun to read about what you’ve been up to this summer. And congrats, Tasha!

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