Random Photos

So, I take a few pictures with my iPhone now and then….but I always forget to put them up here. Here you have some random photos from Spring break until yesterday (with captions so you know what you’re looking at!):

I thought this was so cute how they were resting their heads together while they slept on our drive =)

Kevin being cute in my sunglasses

Our VERY patient dog

Did I mention, he’s patient?

Fun application on my iPhone…isn’t he scary?

Cute little poser

This and the following pictures were from spring break…I love seeing Ammon read to the kids.

Riding llamas at the museum

More riding animals going on

Cool dinosaurs

Look Mom!

My little dishwasher

Riding a turtle…this girl likes to ride animals!

This is when we went to Granby on vacay with the whole Manning/Narayan family

My handsome nephews…

Little princess on a rock

Apparently my sunglasses are popular!

Chocolate face!

Last day of swimming lessons; we played at the park, fed the fish and got ice cream at the Candy store (bubblegum of course!)

At the Ridgway River Festival with Smokey the Bear

My pirate in training! ARghhhh

Rocky and his girlfriend having a sleepover

Red, white and blue at the old-fashioned 4th of July in Ouray

A camel in the mountains?!

Someone’s hiding!

Every Thursday from July-August we went to the summer reading program at our local library and then headed out for an afternoon of sun and sand at our reservoir. The kids played with their friends, while the Moms chatted. This year wasn’t the greatest weather-wise (we got rained out at least 3 weeks in a row), but we had a great time when we did get to go.

Annika’s birthday at Denny’s

Birthday face?

The gang for lunch…not a great photo, but it’s a memory anyway

Free birthday sundae! Score! And you bet she ate it allllll!

This was their starting and ending pose for their “show” that they put on for Ammon and I. Notice Kevin’s “guitar” on the left…(aka: lightsaber)

We went to a wedding reception last night and Tasha had her first dance! Aren’t they cute?

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