Family Home Evening

Every Monday night, we gather together as a family and spend quality time together focusing on a specific value or principle, such as: prayer or honesty. We sing a song, have a prayer, a short lesson and then we do something fun to go with our theme and of course, we have a treat! A few Monday’s ago we were talking about prayer and our activity was to make a “prayer rock”. It’s a rock that you make all pretty and put it on your pillow in the morning so you remember to pray before you sleep at night. The kids LOVE to paint, probably because it’s messy. Kids love anything that’s messy or has the potential to be messy. Or even anything that SOUNDS messy….you get the point.

Getting all painty!

Ammon and his mini-me (a.k.a. Kevin)

The start of Tasha’s rock

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  1. Kristen Sarvis

    Hello from an old FirstBank friend. I was helping one of the developers today and up popped ElemenoGuy – Aw! Ammon Elliott Manning! So I looked through my email and found the link to your family blog. So grateful that Lauren has kept up on this! You all look so terrific and happy! The kids are growing so much and are just beautiful. I stopped on this entry and decided to write because it made me so happy to read. I love that you guys have a family night with fun and lessons. It’s so refreshing to read about a wonderful family full of values! Anyway, glad to see you are all doing well. FirstBank is the same. I’m happy that I work for a good company.
    Thanks for being you, Manning Family!!!

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