Annika had her 4th birthday party a few weeks ago……ok, it was a month ago, but still. She loves anything pink and since we have 4 pinkalicious books, I figured it was a safe theme to go with. It was actually a Pinkalicious Pajama Party! How’s that for alliteration ;0 We started off with breakfast: strawberry lemonade, whole wheat pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

(my walls are actually sage, not minty like they look in this picture)

The very pink table

All the girls….and Kevin (I know he’s not following the theme…he’s wearing red pj’s)

After breakfast, we played some pink games like: green, green, pink (duck, duck, goose) and which pink thing is missing from the tray…very complicated games 😉

Getting ready for presents

Pinkeriffic cuppy cakes

Wishing time!

Time to take the party outside!



Showing our true selves!

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