Rocky’s Girlfriend

Almost a month ago, we welcomed Kar-kar (Karen IV is her real name, but that’s just silly) into our home. She’s a service dog in training for Canine Companions for Independence. She’ll be with us for 6 months in which time we need to train her and work on exposing her to numerous different places and situations so she can learn to be a good service doggie in those said places.

Though, we’ve known her for 7 months and played with her a bunch, she was different when she came to live with us and at first we weren’t sure she was our kind of dog. She didn’t care much for attention and never got very excited to see us. But….we discovered it was simply an adjustment period. She now greets us with great joy and body wagging and eats up the attention whenever we give it to her. She’s been to all kinds of stores, the library, a church activity, camping and lots of car rides. Tomorrow she’ll come to a parade and rodeo with us!

Here she is:

Passed out after a long walk

Willingly subjecting herself to kid torture

Hoping the dinner I’m making in the kitchen is for them

Annika was very happy to pose for this picture in her new sweater tee-cardi.

I love that Kar-kar just so happened to be yawning when Annika made this face! It looks like they’re mimicking each other!

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