We’ve only camped twice this summer, which I guess is once better than last year. Though it’s still kind of pathetic for people who love camping and practically live next to a gazillion good camping places. Oh well..

We kept planning to go, but the weather was not cooperating. One Friday we said to heck with it and went anyway! Our camping place was about 75 min away, unknown to us, but looked pretty online. We got there only to discover that it’s also a giant pasture to lots of grazing cows! Interesting feat with two dogs who’ve never seen cows up close. We managed though. Eventually the chasing of the cows got less exciting. (notice I didn’t say NOT exciting….just less. As in, if you bribe me with a piece of beef jerky, I’ll stick around instead of chasing them)

Ammon’s yummy tinfoil dinners were on the menu, with lots of s’mores and watching the sunset over the lake. Only after climbing trees and getting a soccer ball and oneself completely muddy (ahem, Kevin). This camping trip was also the first time the kids had really let us stay up after they were in bed so we could chat. Ammon and I sat by the fire and did some star gazing and lots of chatting and thoroughly enjoying our grown-up time.


A different kind of monkey

Brave Tasha Monkey

Helping Daddy with the fire

S’mores with the sunset


Pooches enjoying the wilderness


The next day, we took a hike around the lake, played fetch with the doggies in the water and just generally relaxed. It was lovely!


The kids were hilarious! Kevin REALLY wanted to go fishing, but we didn’t have any fishing stuff. So, he put a piece of marshmallow on a stick and sat here on this rock, waiting patiently. (until the marshmallow dissolved and floated off the stick!)

I like this pic from under the tent canopy

My little poser at it again!

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better!

Ammon doing his best Annika impersonation!


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