Annika’s First Day of Preschool!

Annika was thrilled to start her first day of school the day after Labor Day. She got ready incredibly fast on the morning of the first school day. I didn’t have to prod or poke or nag and BOOM! She was ready! She picked out her outfit all by herself and requested pigtails for the big day:

Posing, as always!

Ahhhh! I’m so excited! Can we go yet?!

Me: Annika, do you want me to walk you to where the bus picks you up?

Annika: No, I’m fine. Bye, Mom! Big smiles, hugs and kisses and then the three kids walked across the parking lot, hand in hand, just like the picture-to the bus pick up spot! She’s too old for her age!

But aren’t they sweet!?

I don’t have a photo from when Annika came home, but she took at least 15 min to tell me every minute detail of her day with great enthusiasm and hasn’t stopped loving it ever since!

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