So, I’m not an advocate of social media. I think it’s a HUGE time-waster and you always have the “I wish I hadn’t seen/read that” experience. Having said that, I checked out pinterest after recommendations from multiple friends and found-I LOVE it!!!! I love the pretty pictures and great recipes and have had lots of inspiring ideas for decorating, etc. It still has it downfalls. (like a semi-nude celebrity on it’s home page the other day, which I reported!) I also don’t pin stuff and I’m not into adding friends and all that junk. But still…great ideas!

Fall wreath-thank you pinterest! Took me 30 min and I love it!

Fall leaf lit mason jars-another thank you!


I’m not going to stop looking on pinterest and I’m grateful for categorized ideas all in one place. But my life is not going to revolve around it-a.k.a. Facebook-style!


  1. Kylene

    I wish I had a mantle to decorate. Your’s looks so cute. I just pulled out my fall decor today, but haven’t had the chance to go through it yet. Pinterest is great. Yes, it’s way addicting, so be careful. I mostly use it to pin the stuff I want to find later…like yummy recipes and good tips and Christmas ideas. Because I know that if I don’t pin it, I will lose it and I will be sorry later trying to remember where I saw whats-a-hoo-zits good idea/craft project/recipe…

  2. Beth

    pinterest is awesome! i agree with kylene, it’s helpful to pin things you want to save and find later. i might go a little overboard with pinning 😉 but i so love it. glad you found some good ideas and put them to use. in case you need a laugh, you might want to check out the pinstrosity blog where they post some failed attempts at things found on pinterest, a few funny ones. so glad yours turned out well

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