Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin turned 7 on October 13th! I know, I’m rather behind! We celebrated with a “Spy Party”. Starting last year, I told Kevin I would be surprising him with the theme of his party each day since he had trouble sticking with something. Each boy received a letter from the Western Colorado Division of the CIA, inviting them to come to the training center to become a special agent and that Mr. Kevin Manning (the director of this center) had hand-picked them.

It was an evening of chaotic-boy fun! First, they decoded a message, followed by being fingerprinted and receiving a secret-agent name. After that, they maneuvered their way through a maze of lasers (big hit!), and did some target-shooting (not real guns, obviously) and defused some bombs (a.k.a. balloons). To keep the little spies happy, they watched “Spy Kids” while eating their mystery pizza.

Here are some photos of the intimidating “Spies” in training:


Laser maze

Seven years old!

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