Christmas Day

The kids were good and waited to open their presents this year UNTIL we got up. No repeats of last year, when they opened up most of the presents, including ours before we even rolled out of bed!

We opened our stockings and enjoyed our warm croissants and strawberry jam and our hot chocolate. Then it was present time. Whew! So many presents, and we try to keep it small!!!!

We just relaxed most of the day and then Mom and I made a yummy dinner. The Menu: Some kind of Roast (I forget) with gravy, green beans with hollindaise sauce, popovers and oven herb-roasted potatoes.


The Chefs:

You like my dangly purple and pink earrings? Tasha picked them out for me and bought them with her own money. She also got me purple nail polish. This the first year she bought presents with her own money and I loved that she put so much thought into something that Ammon and I would love. (Ammon got Skittles!)

Enjoying our grub!


It was a wonderful Christmas! Probably one of most stress-free, enjoyable Christmases we’ve had. Let’s do it again this year!

Merry Christmas!

During a typical year, I would have had all the shopping done, gifts wrapped, meals planned, cards mailed by the 2nd week of December-AT THE LATEST!!!  Not this year though! There’s something about being a Mom of three school children, training a service dog, volunteering in the school and being Primary President that seems to suck all the time out of your life. I’m not complaining, though it may sound like it…I love my life and feel blessed to experience all the things I have and am. The point is: don’t take on so much around the holidays! I was still wrapping things until the 23rd and rushing around until Christmas Eve Day, but somehow it all came together.

We had another big snowfall on Christmas Eve day, so the kids, Ammon and I took advantage of that and went sledding on our driveway. Yes, I said driveway. We have a decent slope and the snow from the first snowfall was packed down and slippery, which with the new, fluffy stuff on top, made for good sledding! It was great fun and we decided that if we have snow each year, we should make sledding on Christmas Eve day, a tradition. Dinner of course, was the usual appetizers and finger foods. Devilled eggs, fruit & dip, pickles & olives, multiple cheeses with crackers, sausage rolls, shrimp & sauce…you get the picture! 😉

After dinner, we acted out the Nativity and opened our new pj’s. We normally do the pj’s just for the kids, but this year Ammon surprised me and had some for me too.


Me and my Tashy

Did I mention the eggnog? Apparently this Santa had a wee bit too much of it! 😉

Her personality sure comes out when the camera is around!

New PJ’S!!!

Me and my snuggle-bunny

First Big Snowfall

A few weeks before Christmas, we had our first big snowfall. We received over a foot of snow in one day and we were loving it!!! After all, we DO live in the mountains for a reason!! Here’s the spectacular sight:

Rocky was excited about it too!

Still falling!

Gorgeous! (It’s now January 18th and we’re ready for more, please!!)

Christmas Concert

Every year, like most elementary schools I would imagine, our school does a little Christmas concert. It’s short and sweet; about an hour and never fails to bring joy to my heart. There’s nothing like seeing/hearing little children sing. Annika was a little hesitant about getting up there since it’s her first year doing it, and she did frown the WHOLE time because the spotlight was right in her eyes, but it was still fun and sweet! I’ll have to post videos later.

Our candy cane girl just before it was her turn.


The Monday after Thanksgiving, we always put up our tree. This year was even more enjoyable to me than in previous years because our little ones are old enough now to help without breaking things or making a giant mess. (ok, we still made a mess, but not as bad as before). In addition, the kids seemed to find more meaning in placing their ornaments on the tree; ones they’d made, ones they were given like for their 1st Christmas, etc. So, with Christmas music playing and my Mom to help, we whipped up the tree in no time. Then we turned off the overhead lights, plugged in the tree lights and sat with hot chocolate and listened to a story of the first Christmas. A memory made.

Hard to believe my “baby” is 4 1/2!!

The decorators!

Finishing touches….

November Part 2

Other than the Zoo, we did a lot of shopping (you have to take advantage of the conveniences when you have them!) and visited the pet shop in the mall (tradition). We also saw Ice Age 4, which was really good! And we went swimming and then ate super-yummy steak burritos made by my brother in law. I’m sure there was more, but this is what I’m remember two months later!

Thanksgiving Day:

Aren’t they such a photogenic bunch? They have SO much fun together!

Bad lighting, iphone photo, but still cute

My little poser at it again!



This blogging takes forever when you do three months in one day!

The first two weeks of November FLEW by and all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving Break. We headed to spend time with Lee and Ellen in Littleton and then with the Narayans in Colo. Springs. We had a super time, as always! It was a very full week.

We hadn’t been to any zoo in three years. We hadn’t been to the Denver Zoo in 5 years, so Annika had never been. It was time!

There was a new elephant exhibit and everything in the area was decorated like this…

Technically you were supposed to be a little older or taller or something to ride the carousel solo, but the guy saw Annika and said, “I think she’d got a good grip!!”


We saw and did just about everything there is to see and do at the Zoo. We did the carousel, we bought dippin’ dots, we saw every exhibit, even the monkeys with the bare bottoms, which my kids thought was hilarious!

This was my personal favorite. The Orangutan’s. This chick was laying in her hammock-type thing and then all of a sudden, got up and rambled inside, only to reappear minutes later, dragging her blanky so she could take a nap in style! It was hilarious to behold.

Isn’t her little baby the cutest little thing!?

I always love the gorilla. He seemed kind of sad though…

Cute Kevy

Enjoying herself

These drums were so fun for the kids. I had to tear Annika away from them!

Warthogs! Oh and the kids 😉

The kids enjoyed the huge oxen sculptures and covered wagon. So fun to play on! Maybe we should get one?

I thought the cheetah’s were pretty cool, but what wasn’t as cool was the 6 foot fence around the enclosure…like a cheetah couldn’t clear that without even batting an eye?! Weird.

Annika found a friend…The End.



More dogginess

So, I know this is more for me than for you, but I just think our doggies are so cute! Especially when they cuddle like this:


And like this:

National Dress-up Doggy Day

Did you know that November 3rd was National Dress-up your Doggy Day??!! Just kidding, not really, although they have a day for everything else, so maybe there is such a day! But, one to cheer up a friend and because I think it’s funny/cute and because the dog doesn’t mind…I had to do it:

TA-DA!!!!!! Don’t I look be a-u-tiful?!

Our boy Rocky, jealous of the attention that Karen (ahem, the IV…really!!) was getting, promptly plunked himself portrait-perfect in my plain sight for a picture. (How’s that for alliteration!?) Here he is looking handsome and rather sheepish about it all.

Yikes-Happy Halloween??

I knew it had been a while, but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted the fall/halloween pics…oh boy! Here’s a flash to the past…

I joined Kevin and his class for a trip to a place called “The Covered Bridge”. How fun is a giant pile of haybales. The teachers kept saying “don’t jump off!” In my head, I was saying, ‘teachers, have you EVER been kids, because clearly that’s what you’re supposed to do on this giant pile of hay!?”

Yay for a beautiful fall day on the hay!

Roasting marshmallows. Some kids had never had these before..WHAT?!

Picking out a pumpkin…after we’d already gone on a hayride and petted the giant horses.

Look at Tasha’s face! HAHA!!

Then there’s the face on this one! She definately makes things lively around here!



Just so anyone out there reading this can appreciate how hard it is to get three children to smile “nicely” at once…

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

This is the winner. Not what I would call “nice” smiles, but when it’s their bedtime and it’s starting to snow the first snow of the season and you have a table full of pumpkin goop inside, you call it good!


Our little Monsters

Our Sassy cat

Black Widow Kevin

I should’ve taken a picture of her whole costume, but it was hectic….She wanted to be a MOM!!! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I sure thought it was. She had a diaper bag full of baby stuff and pushed her baby in a stroller. I thought she was adorable! Definately wins for my favorite costume! 😉 The best thing about it is that even at the tender age of 8, Natasha totally understands that the most important thing in life she can do is to love, raise and care for her children as a Mother. This girl right here-she has her head on straight! At least we have one for sure! hee her