This blogging takes forever when you do three months in one day!

The first two weeks of November FLEW by and all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving Break. We headed to spend time with Lee and Ellen in Littleton and then with the Narayans in Colo. Springs. We had a super time, as always! It was a very full week.

We hadn’t been to any zoo in three years. We hadn’t been to the Denver Zoo in 5 years, so Annika had never been. It was time!

There was a new elephant exhibit and everything in the area was decorated like this…

Technically you were supposed to be a little older or taller or something to ride the carousel solo, but the guy saw Annika and said, “I think she’d got a good grip!!”


We saw and did just about everything there is to see and do at the Zoo. We did the carousel, we bought dippin’ dots, we saw every exhibit, even the monkeys with the bare bottoms, which my kids thought was hilarious!

This was my personal favorite. The Orangutan’s. This chick was laying in her hammock-type thing and then all of a sudden, got up and rambled inside, only to reappear minutes later, dragging her blanky so she could take a nap in style! It was hilarious to behold.

Isn’t her little baby the cutest little thing!?

I always love the gorilla. He seemed kind of sad though…

Cute Kevy

Enjoying herself

These drums were so fun for the kids. I had to tear Annika away from them!

Warthogs! Oh and the kids 😉

The kids enjoyed the huge oxen sculptures and covered wagon. So fun to play on! Maybe we should get one?

I thought the cheetah’s were pretty cool, but what wasn’t as cool was the 6 foot fence around the enclosure…like a cheetah couldn’t clear that without even batting an eye?! Weird.

Annika found a friend…The End.



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