Yikes-Happy Halloween??

I knew it had been a while, but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted the fall/halloween pics…oh boy! Here’s a flash to the past…

I joined Kevin and his class for a trip to a place called “The Covered Bridge”. How fun is a giant pile of haybales. The teachers kept saying “don’t jump off!” In my head, I was saying, ‘teachers, have you EVER been kids, because clearly that’s what you’re supposed to do on this giant pile of hay!?”

Yay for a beautiful fall day on the hay!

Roasting marshmallows. Some kids had never had these before..WHAT?!

Picking out a pumpkin…after we’d already gone on a hayride and petted the giant horses.

Look at Tasha’s face! HAHA!!

Then there’s the face on this one! She definately makes things lively around here!



Just so anyone out there reading this can appreciate how hard it is to get three children to smile “nicely” at once…

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

This is the winner. Not what I would call “nice” smiles, but when it’s their bedtime and it’s starting to snow the first snow of the season and you have a table full of pumpkin goop inside, you call it good!


Our little Monsters

Our Sassy cat

Black Widow Kevin

I should’ve taken a picture of her whole costume, but it was hectic….She wanted to be a MOM!!! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I sure thought it was. She had a diaper bag full of baby stuff and pushed her baby in a stroller. I thought she was adorable! Definately wins for my favorite costume! 😉 The best thing about it is that even at the tender age of 8, Natasha totally understands that the most important thing in life she can do is to love, raise and care for her children as a Mother. This girl right here-she has her head on straight! At least we have one for sure! hee her


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