Christmas Day

The kids were good and waited to open their presents this year UNTIL we got up. No repeats of last year, when they opened up most of the presents, including ours before we even rolled out of bed!

We opened our stockings and enjoyed our warm croissants and strawberry jam and our hot chocolate. Then it was present time. Whew! So many presents, and we try to keep it small!!!!

We just relaxed most of the day and then Mom and I made a yummy dinner. The Menu: Some kind of Roast (I forget) with gravy, green beans with hollindaise sauce, popovers and oven herb-roasted potatoes.


The Chefs:

You like my dangly purple and pink earrings? Tasha picked them out for me and bought them with her own money. She also got me purple nail polish. This the first year she bought presents with her own money and I loved that she put so much thought into something that Ammon and I would love. (Ammon got Skittles!)

Enjoying our grub!


It was a wonderful Christmas! Probably one of most stress-free, enjoyable Christmases we’ve had. Let’s do it again this year!

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