Merry Christmas!

During a typical year, I would have had all the shopping done, gifts wrapped, meals planned, cards mailed by the 2nd week of December-AT THE LATEST!!!  Not this year though! There’s something about being a Mom of three school children, training a service dog, volunteering in the school and being Primary President that seems to suck all the time out of your life. I’m not complaining, though it may sound like it…I love my life and feel blessed to experience all the things I have and am. The point is: don’t take on so much around the holidays! I was still wrapping things until the 23rd and rushing around until Christmas Eve Day, but somehow it all came together.

We had another big snowfall on Christmas Eve day, so the kids, Ammon and I took advantage of that and went sledding on our driveway. Yes, I said driveway. We have a decent slope and the snow from the first snowfall was packed down and slippery, which with the new, fluffy stuff on top, made for good sledding! It was great fun and we decided that if we have snow each year, we should make sledding on Christmas Eve day, a tradition. Dinner of course, was the usual appetizers and finger foods. Devilled eggs, fruit & dip, pickles & olives, multiple cheeses with crackers, sausage rolls, shrimp & sauce…you get the picture! 😉

After dinner, we acted out the Nativity and opened our new pj’s. We normally do the pj’s just for the kids, but this year Ammon surprised me and had some for me too.


Me and my Tashy

Did I mention the eggnog? Apparently this Santa had a wee bit too much of it! 😉

Her personality sure comes out when the camera is around!

New PJ’S!!!

Me and my snuggle-bunny

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